Coffee Blends

Coffee blends have been a magical creation, balancing out the complex and bold flavours in coffee, since the 17th century. A coffee blend is simply a mixture of different coffee beans or roasts with the goal of complementing their flavours to “fill out” the brew. This concept was discovered first in the 1600s, when Dutch merchants accidentally mixed coffee beans from the Mokha port in Yemen with beans hauled all the way from the Indonesian island of Java. Thus, the Mokha-Java, or now known as the “Mocha-Java” blend was created. Aren’t accidents wonderful?

Of course, nowadays, the big time coffee companies blend coffees in order to cut costs; blending an expensive bean or roast with a cheaper companion will allow them to produce coffee at a larger volume. However, many specialty, artisan coffee roasters, such as us here at Coffee Co-Mission, experiment with blends in order to produce a one-of-a-kind coffee sipping experience. A great example is our unique Akälä Blend, which would be great start for anyone interested in diving into the world of coffee blends.
June 14 2015

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