The Coffee Co-Mission name signifies the partnership between our farmers, our customers and all of us in-between. Our name also represents a cooperative mission to fulfill our potential and live life well in the company of others.


Our Mission
We promise to create unique and memorable coffees that bring a smile to your face and stir your spirit. Our coffee will always be fair/direct trade, organic, naturally processed, and packaged with eco-friendly materials.

The Coffee Co-Mission was started to fund The Love Co-Mission, a private foundation being formed by Daniel and Louisa Ehrlich, to work toward alleviating poverty by supporting change-makers within communities affected most greatly by it. The Love Co-Mission will provide funding, mentoring sponsorship, and other assistance to the next generation of leaders on the front-lines of social change. Every purchase from The Coffee Co-Mission supports The Love Co-Mission.






About Our Coffee

Our coffees are roasted in small batches and shipped the same day all around the country. We source fair trade and organic certified beans where ever possible. Sometimes we pay more than the fair-trade rate, directly to the farmer, for beans that aren't fair-trade certified. All of the beans we buy are grown organically and processed naturally, but we do not pressure our farmers to pay for certifications. We think the labels are good but sometimes they place an undue burden on the farmer and they rarely equal greater wages and better living conditions for farm workers that are not in the immediate family.