Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy

How do I buy the green coffee?

You have to become a member in our buying network first. Then, you can buy online or through contacting us.

I can't see pricing information?

You have to become a member in our buying network first. Then, you can buy online or through contacting us.

What are the shipping rates?

There are a number of variables that go into calculating shipping rates. Some low-quantity specialty coffees may want to be shipped with a carrier that offers better damage coverage. Lower grade mass-quantity coffee might want to shipped with the least expensive option because over time your freight savings will make up for the cost of a damaged bag. We can help you decide the best freight strategy. Once an order is placed, we will provide you with the best shipping rate and carrier for your shipment. We also offer local pickup from our warehouses and don't charge handling fees. If you place your order online, you are not asked to pay for your order right away, you will receive an invoice for the total amount once shipping is discussed with you and when approved, your order is then shipped.

What's the minimum purchase amount?

You can purchase as little as 1 bag, which could weigh between 100lbs or 154lbs depending on the origin and the producer. Keep in mind that the freight might not be economical. If you are close to one of our warehouses you are welcome to pickup your order free of charge. For orders that will be shipped we recommend at least a 6 bag order to spread the freight cost out.

Where is the coffee stored?

Our goal is to have coffee available local to every roaster in the USA and Canada. Right now, what coffees we offer for spot purchases are listed on the offering list and their location is marked by state. You can choose to pickup the coffee, arrange the shipping yourself, or we can arrange shipping and delivery. It is most common to allow us to arrange shipping as our distribution network affords us shipping discounts. If you need help storing coffee, we can warehouse it for you.

What's the turn-around time for an order?

If it's a spot purchase, this will depend on your location. Typically we ship orders within 3 business days and shipping time will vary based on where you are located.

Do you have any sales going on?

No, we offer the same low pricing, every day, to everyone. Your costs are stable with us and never fluctuate, you are guaranteed to always get the best deal. You do not have to stalk us to receive coupons or remember promotion codes.

Why are your prices lower than competitors?

We believe in sustainability, providing farmers a good quality of life, and helping your business grow. All proceeds in our business get reinvested back into sourcing more coffee and reinvesting into our farmers' communities. We can usually charge less because our goal is to deliver more value to roasters and farmers. We have found that our vertical supply chain model recaptures enough lost value to be able to pay farmers 50-200% more and still sell coffee competitively.

Ethics & Sustainability

What is 'whole crop'?

We believe in a whole crop philosophy, which means that we sell everything the farmer produces year-after-year. Our secret to making this work is in the coffee sorting and our unique buying model. This gives the farmer more security, higher average earnings and offers more options to roasters. A lot of farmers are having problems now because of the growth of Specialty Coffee and the tendency for many importers to come in and only buy 5-10% of their harvest.

Do you pay Fair Trade coffee rates?

We steer away from Fair Trade as much as possible. With our vertical supply chain approach we can put more money directly into the farmers hands as what they'd receive through the Fair Trade program. This can be documented. Labels can be expensive, and the minimum volume requirements to apply are very high meaning that small producers aren't eligible. Labels such as Fair Trade are actually 'sold' as assets by some co-ops and their use can penalize the smaller producers we're trying to help.

How do you partner with your coffee origins?

We partner with our origins for life instead of just buying a harvest here-and-there. We invest our expertise and IP into the farm now, and in the future as we grow we will invest back into farms financially as needed. Every origin has a different issue. By partnering, we ensure the farmer is getting paid every year for their hard work, even if their crop was destroyed by a natural disaster or a disease. The farmer is financially stable in this way and a happy farmer creates great coffees!

Questions by Coffee Roasters

Can you help me purchase coffee equipment?

Yes! We partner with some of the best brands and manufacturers in the coffee industry. Chances are, we can get you a great price on machines and barista equipment.

Is the coffee Fair Trade/Organic/Rain Forest Alliance Certified?

We have some coffee that is, yes. All of our farmers are paid far above Fair Trade Rate. A lot of our coffees are not only grown organic, but also biodynamic. And many of our coffees are grown inter-mixed with other crops and trees in shade canopies. We do not require our farmers to pay their hard-earned money to be certified. Certification can be expensive and we leave that choice up to the farmer and help them acquire the certification if they wish to.

How is the coffee packaged?

We sell coffee typically in 25lb boxes, 50lb boxes, and bags ranging from 60-69kg generally. The bags are all grain-pro inside.

Questions by Coffee Farmers

Can you buy coffee from us?

We like to partner with farmers long-term and while we would like to help support everyone, we do not have the resources to do so. Please contact us to get the conversation started. We are so happy you want to work with us!

Misc Questions

I have a question not listed here, what do I do?

You contact us, we're happy to answer any question you may have!

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