Our Coffee Buying Network

We didn't create our members only Buying Network to create a Country Club. By bringing roasters together in a co-op style we create scale that creates real advantages for our members. That scale and our other policies make us the most desired partner for coffee farmers around the world.

We act as facilitators for direct trade to create more value for small farmers and roasters of any size, anywhere

Direct Trade for Any Roaster

It's not just about the money. Traceability and partnership give roasters greater control over their customer's experiences. We offer that opportunity to the smallest and the largest roasters.

Roasters Directly Helping Farmers

Farmers were always the losers in the supply chain of the past. Our new model allows roasters to empower farmers to produce the highest quality coffees.

Regional Distribution

Freight costs and floor space are challenges for almost every roaster. We will have more warehouses around the country than anyone to help our members better manage inventory and control costs.

Affordable and Easy Buying Experience

Coffee you'd buy somewhere else you'll get for less through The Coffee Co-Mission Buying Network — at no penalty to the farmers. Order online with our seamless user experience. Got questions? Call in and chat us up!

Coffee Global Buying Network

Contact Us for Details

Joining The Coffee Co-Mission Buying Network is simple. We'll send you the info to review immediately.

How Important Are Direct Relationships Really?

A change has occurred in marketing language. It's become trendy to talk about direct trade and helping the farmers. Positive change has not been the reality for the vast majority of the world's farmers.

Costs are going up and farmers are facing new challenges from water shortages and climate change. Yet most farmers are being paid the same amounts they were paid in the 1970s. Many farmers are still being paid only around $1 USD per pound or less. When other importers in the US or Europe, pay the industry high of $1.90/lb for a certified organic and Fair Trade coffee, they're paying that to an export broker or exchange. Often, less than half that amount actually reaches the farmer's hands. The same is true even in countries that demand higher premiums than industry standards. Auctions for the best specialty coffees in the world that fetch over $20/lb still leave almost nothing to the farmer.

Creating more direct relationships is not about making shrewd financial decisions. It's necessary to guarantee the future of the industry that so many millions of people are passionate about.

It's been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Direct trade is not realistic for most farmers and roasters. That's why we created The Coffee Co-Mission Buying Network. The Coffee Co-Mission's new model allows us to establish and maintain new relationships, support and invest in farmers, help manage certifications, regulation, and global logistics at a savings to both farmers and roasters.

Buying Network Basics

  • The Buying Network is open to all coffee roasters. Even home roasters.
  • We can supply as little as 5lbs, in some cases, to as much as 5000MTs or more.
  • New harvests can be forward contracted by any member. Additional inventory will be kept on hand by The Coffee Co-Mission. Spot coffees will always be available.
  • Samples of up to 300g are always free to roasters within the 48 continental states. Only $4.99 USD to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
  • Samples can be ordered online or by phone.
  • Payment and contract terms are outlined in the Buying Network membership documents.
  • Delivery can be arranged for you or you can pickup yourself. You can arrange delivery yourself as well.