Buy Coffee Like The Big Guys - Create Your Own Verticals

For decades, the largest roasters in the world have been establishing their own direct vertically integrated supply chains. We make it possible for you to do that too.

We offer two ways to buy coffee - Spot and Direct. We can help you find any coffee you're looking for, whether it's from our own inventory or one of our trusted trading partners. We can also help you buy coffee in a more sustainable way by helping you work direct with producers at Origin.

Direct Relationships Create More Value for Farmers and Roasters

Spot coffee and future contract dependence keep the old industry model on life support. It steals value and quality from your business and from the people that are the foundation of the industry.

Sustainability Starts With Responsibility

Talking about change is easy. Doing something about it...well that's a different story. Until we came along. Our expertise gives you the opportunity to be among the leaders creating lasting change in the coffee industry.

We Make it Easy

Our approach is absolutely unique in the world of coffee and we can open a new world of possibilities to you. From fast Spot fulfillment to micro-lots from obscure Origins - we make the complex simple.

Capability Meets Flexibility

Our business is designed to grow around the needs and goals of your business. You dream it. We'll help you make it reality.

Coffee Global Buying Network

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Joining The Coffee Co-Mission is simple. We'll get back to you immediately.

How Important Are Direct Relationships Really?

A change has definitely occurred in industry marketing. It's trendy to talk about direct trade and helping farmers, but positive change, and true direct trade, has not been the reality for most of the world's farmers.

Production costs for farmers are going up and they're challenges from pests, plant diseases, and climate change. Yet most farmers are being paid the same amounts they were paid in the 1970s. Most farmers are still being paid less than 1 USD per lb. Fair trade schemes that are based on FOB contract prices favor exporter and traders - not farmers. Typically, less than half the FOB contract amount actually reaches the farmer's hands. Coffee competitions and auctions pay as little as 20% to the farmer.

Creating direct relationships is a shrewd financial decision. It guarantees the future of the industry that so many millions of people are passionate about. It also allows you to have control over the quality grades and cup profiles that fit your business. Helping to create a sustainable business for a coffee farmer also makes you an economic super hero.

It's been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Direct trade wasn't realistic for most farmers and roasters before we came along. That's why we created The Coffee Co-Mission. The Coffee Co-Mission's business model allows us to create more value for you and farmers by supporting and investing our IP in farmers, helping with agriculture inputs and practices, industry certifications, regulations, and global logistics.

Buying Network Basics

  • The Buying Network is open to all coffee roasters. Even home roasters.
  • We can supply 1 bag or 100 shipping containers.
  • New harvests can be forward contracted by any member. Additional inventory will be kept on hand by The Coffee Co-Mission. Spot coffees will always be available.
  • Samples of up to 300g are always free to roasters within the 48 continental states. Only $4.99 USD to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.
  • Samples can be ordered online or by phone.
  • Payment and contract terms are outlined in the Buying Network membership documents.
  • Delivery can be arranged for you or you can pickup yourself. You can arrange delivery yourself as well.