Coffee Co-Mission: Coffee Importers

2017 Update:

The Coffee Co-Mission began as a small batch coffee roaster with hopes of creating a greater sense of unity within the coffee industry, with the end goal of improving the lives of coffee farmers and there families.

It is in that spirit that we are shifting our focus to work more closely with coffee farmers. We have created a program, unique in its scale, that will see the immense value created by the global demand for coffee distributed more profitably to the farmers and roasters.

The dual centerpieces of our program are our Coffee Co-Mission Buying Network of coffee roasters and our intimate working relationships with farmers that remove all of the erroneous members from the supply chain.

Our members-only Buying Network will allow coffee roasters of any size to participate in our direct-from-farmer supply chain with no capital up-front. The collective power of the Buying Network [the goal is 500+ roasters strong] will allow us to go in and work directly with people in the most excluded coffee producing regions.

The Coffee Co-Mission Sourced label will set new standards for equitable trade and sustainability where other pre-existing standards have laxed. Wild grown and biodynamic farming practices will be two of the hall marks of our new standards.

We are launching this new program by importing to North America a range of rare Indian coffees that include varieties never before available here. - Much of which is grown wild in protected rain forests, harvested at very low yields. We are not the only ones to realize the quality of these coffees from eastern India. Single origin cafes dedicated solely to these coffees have just opened in Paris with more to follow. We are the only group exporting these coffees to North America. Our second project, wild grown coffee from Africa, will be launching later this year. More projects will follow on the strength and demands of our Coffee Co-Mission Buying Network.


We are in the process of updating our website to focus on our coffee importing and the Coffee Co-Mission Buying Network. Contact us for more information, offering lists, and prices.