Coffee Co-Mission: Coffee Importers

2017 Update:

The Coffee Co-Mission started as a small batch coffee roaster with hopes of creating a greater sense of family among different players in the coffee industry, with the end goal of improving the lives of the farmers.

It is in that spirit that we are shifting focus to work more closely with the coffee farmers. In the beginning we will be importing to North America the largest selection of rare Indian coffees ever available here. - Much of which is grown wild in protected rain forests with very low yields.

We aren't going to be operating like a traditional importer though. The Coffee Co-Mission is building a direct trade network of coffee farmers and coffee roasters. - Co-op to co-op. We're committed to building these partnerships and creating greater value for everyone from the farmer and the roaster to the coffee lover at home in their favorite chair.


We will be updating the website soon to highlight our shift to coffee importing and creating coffee buying co-ops. Contact us for more information, offering lists, and prices.