About Our Coffee Co-Mission

Our Mission is to bring coffee farmers and roasters closer together, and add value to both of their businesses, so that we can help to elevate the coffee experience for every coffee drinker. We focus on the consumer's experience because ultimately it's the votes they make with their purchases that have the power to create change for farmers and the industry as a whole.

Relationship-Based Trade

We're Not Just Selling Commodities

We're creating a global community of farmers and roasters that fosters real connection, growth, and success for both and where contracts are based on the real market - not the Futures markets.

Farmers Treated Like Family

Invest in Infrastructure

Poverty lowers quality. We help farmers with equipment and more when needed.

Zero-Waste Philosophy

The coffee plant is an extremely rich resource. We help farmers benefit from every part of it.

Experienced Local Partners

When we say we work with local people at origin we mean it. We have the most diverse team of local experts.

Source With Farmers Directly

Simplifying the chain and paying the farmer more helps lead to better quality coffee and a sustainable supply.

Roasters Treated Like Royalty

Direct Trade For All Sizes

Cash flow may be king but that doesn't have to keep you from benefitting from direct trade. Even if only for 1 bag. We bridge the gap to the farmers and finance your contracts for you. You pay after the coffee has arrived on your doorstep.

Use Your Influence

In the past you sampled what was offered you and chose the best fit. That didn't mean you found exactly what you were looking for - it meant you had to take what you were given, which is also what everyone else was given. Relationships allow you to have input.

People & Planet First

Farmer Entrepreneurship

More beneficial trade encourages the next generation of farmers to take the leap.

Highest Farmer Compensation

On average we pay farmers around the world more than anyone.

Organic and Biodynamic Farming Methods

We work with farmers around the world to make the switch by providing access to inputs and training.

Economic Development

We feed resources and support into communities to help them stand on their own two feet.

A Mission built to answer two questions at two opposite ends:
How can we best serve the coffee farmer? How can we best serve the coffee roaster?

Change is not a new topic in the coffee industry. It's been talked about for decades. You don’t have to be an insider to know that not much positive change has actually been achieved. The Coffee Co-Mission believes the answer lies in a more holistic and selfless approach where value creation is not just focused toward one group at one end of the chain - it's created for both.