About Our Coffee Co-Mission

Our Mission is to bring coffee farmers and roasters closer together and support both in every way we can, so that we can help to elevate the coffee experience for every coffee drinker. We focus on the consumer's experience because it's the votes they make with their hard earned cash that have the final say in creating change for the farmers. Roasters can't do it alone.

Relationship-Based Trade

We're Not Just Selling Commodities

We're creating a global community of farmers and roasters that fosters real connection, growth, and success for both.

Farmers Treated Like Family

Invest in Infrastructure

Poverty lowers quality. We help farmers with equipment and more when needed.

Zero-Waste Philosophy

The coffee plant is an extremely rich resource. We help farmers benefit from every part of it.

Experienced Local Directors

When we say we work with local people at origin we mean it. We have the most diverse team of local experts.

Source With Farmers Directly

Shortening the supply chain and paying the farmer more leads to better quality coffee.

Roasters Treated Like Royalty

Direct Trade For All Sizes

Cash flow may be king but that doesn't keep our members from benefiting from direct trade for as little as 1 bag. We bridge the gap to the farmers and even finance your contracts for you. You pay after the coffee has arrived and you're ready to take delivery.

Lower Costs

We pay the farmer more and deliver the coffee to you for less than our competitors. Soon there will be a Coffee Co-Mission warehouse within a few hours driving distance to you to keep your freight costs down — wherever you are.

People & Planet First

Farmer Entrepreneurship

More beneficial trade encourages the next generation of farmers to take the leap.

Highest Farmer Compensation

On average we pay farmers around the world more than anyone. End of story.

Organic and Biodynamic Farming Methods

We work with farmers around the world to make the switch by providing access to inputs and training.

Economic Development

We feed resources and support into communities to help them stand on their own two feet.

Everyday we ask ourselves two questions:
How can we best serve the coffee farmer? How can we best serve the coffee roaster?

Change is not a new topic in the coffee industry. It's been talked about for years. But most of us know that not enough change has happened. The Coffee Co-Mission is based on an idea of holistic sustainability. We're saying that we don't need as much profit to be sustainable and we will gladly work harder for less to ensure the sustainability of the entire industry.

The purpose for our coffee roaster buying network is also simple. Put every roaster on a level playing field. Enable those that want to make a difference to do so and enable all our members to run stronger businesses — and make story tellers out of everyone!

The Coffee Co-Mission is the vision of us, a husband-and-wife team, Daniel Ehrlich and Louisa Nicholson. We operated The Coffee Co-Mission as a small batch wholesale and online coffee roaster from late 2014 until the end of 2016. Our original mission was to fight poverty in farming communities through the sale of roasted coffee and raising awareness of farmers' plight. We were successful but small, and weren't able to make the impact we hoped for. In mid 2016 we met our first partner Ven, from the Araku Valley in India. Ven and Daniel came together like two pees in a pod and decided to begin importing coffee directly from Ven's mother's farm and other villagers in the area. Out of this initial relationship grew everything that The Coffee Co-Mission is today.

A huge thanks to Ven for his generosity, enabling us to pursue our change-centric goals, will always be in order.