What is Sustainability - Transparency - Fair?

Catch phrases don't solve problems. Technology alone is not the answer. It's time to take the historical green coffee supply chain model off of life support.

We're working to create a new normal for the way green coffee is traded across the world.

The hardware that new normal hinges on is the relationship itself between farmer and roaster. Opening the lines of communication between roaster and producer means that farmers are no longer groping around in the dark. They can plant, and manage and harvest with intention and a clear mission.

We support relationships between farmers and roasters on both sides of the trade throughout the whole supply chain cycle.

At Origin

Soil First

Our work begins with farmers by studying and addressing the health of their soils and their past agricultural practices.

Sustainable Correction

Training and implementation of new agricultural practices and inputs is done through our sister company Blue Marble BioChemical.

Process Improvement

We have our own team of experienced producers that can work with farmers to improve every step from harvest to export.

Market Education

Farmers have intentionally been kept in the dark regarding trade and demand issues and we are intentionally reversing this trend.

Fair Funding

A key activity - and one of the most complicated and risky - in the new normal is providing fair prices to farmers pre-season.


We are constantly expanding our network of international divisions and partners to manage green coffee's complex issues and risks.

Coffee Global Buying Network

At Consumption

Open Doors

What was once impossible is our core capability. We enable roasters of all shapes and sizes to work direct with farmers to create their own special advantages.

Farmer Vetting

Finding the right relationship is not as easy as answering the first cold call email you receive from someone at origin. We wish ourselves that this was a cheaper lesson.

Quality Control

We have producers, Q-graders, Q-instructors and roasters on our team to manage QC and support issues from post harvest to post final delivery.

Quality Options

We work from a whole crop perspective. We can find the right source for anything from competition worthy micro-lots to mass-market commercial coffees.

Volume Options

Building on the past experience of our Founder, we have made it possible for roasters to source less than full container volumes as well as traditional FCL volumes.

Risk Management

This is a challenging area and it involves issues ranging from cash to contracts . We also provide financing and insurance at the right time and the right term.


Transparency has little value without control. Our Co-Mission program coffees are purchased at the farm-gate level according to prices that our customers help set.

More Options

We can arrange storage in traditional commodity warehouses or local to you warehouses. We can manage warehouse stock for you and arrange final mile delivery.

How Important Are Direct Relationships Really?

A change has definitely occurred in industry marketing. It's trendy to talk about direct trade and helping farmers, but positive change, and true direct trade, has not been the reality for most of the world's farmers.

Production costs for farmers are going up and there are challenges from pests, plant diseases, and climate change. Yet most farmers are being paid the same amounts they were paid in the 1970s. Most farmers are still being paid less than 1 USD per lb. Fair trade schemes that are based on FOB contract prices favor exporters and traders - not farmers. Often, less than half the FOB contract amount actually reaches the farmer's hands. Coffee competitions and auctions pay as little as 20% to the farmer.

Creating direct relationships is a shrewd financial decision. It guarantees the future of the industry that so many millions of people are passionate about. It also allows you to have control over the quality grades and cup profiles that fit your business. Helping to create a sustainable business for a coffee farmer also creates a sustainable business for you.

It's been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Direct trade wasn't realistic for most farmers and roasters before we came along. That's why we created The Coffee Co-Mission. The Coffee Co-Mission's business model allows us to create more value for you and farmers by supporting and investing our IP into farmers, helping with agriculture inputs and practices, certifications, regulations, and global logistics.

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