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Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, the integrity of certified supply chain schemes have been compromised. We understand the need to simplify the consumer experience and provide products that can be trusted to be what they say they are and programs that do what they say they do. We are hands-on and personally responsible in all our programs from start to finish.

Coffee Co-Mission TRADE

Co-Mission TRADE

Co-Mission TRADE coffees have been purchased by the roaster according to the real market, taking into account conditions in consumption countries as well as conditions faced by the producer. TRADE coffee prices are not determined via over-simplified set pricing schemes. Costs of living, labor costs, production costs and retail market values vary from origin to origin as do the costs associated with producing different levels of quality. All factors must be considered in a way that fosters trust in the relationship and strength of position for roaster and producer. TRADE standard coffees guarantee to the consumer that value in the coffee supply chain has been redistributed more equitably to ensure that farmers themselves are earning real profits that enable sustainable future operations. Payment transparency and traceability is provided to the roaster as the roaster themselves have helped to determine the final price paid to the farmer at the farm gate level. Producer's year end financial performance is certified and shared with the roaster.

Coffee Co-Mission BIO

Co-Mission BIO

Co-Mission BIO coffees are organically cultivated coffees. BIO coffees are produced according to the Naturland Production Standards. Naturland is an organization based in Munich, Germany that has been pioneering organic agriculture since 1982. Their organic production standards are so thorough and comprehensive that they exceed all other organic standards as well as other standards for rain forests, shade trees and habitat preservation.

Coffee Co-Mission SOPHIA

Co-Mission SOPHIA

Co-Mission SOPHIA coffees are 100% women produced. Our intention in this program is to highlight the amazing spirit these women exhibit day in and day out despite the additional challenges they face in trying to manage the home as well as the farm. Many of these women are the victims of abuse. They are not opportunists. They are survivors trying to save the family business out of necessity. The SOPHIA label is not applicable to all women producers. We understand there can be very real cultural challenges for any woman producer. However, the SOPHIA label is specifically reserved for those women who would be identified as a smallholder or peasant farmer (vs an estate owner) and are seriously disadvantaged by circumstances in their life so as to give their real struggle a voice and a means by which to assist them in their struggle.

Coffee Co-Mission CLEAN DECAF


Co-Mission CLEAN DECAF coffees are the world's first line of fully traceable decafs. These coffees are produced to order according to the unique requirements of the roaster. CLEAN DECAF coffees can be sourced from a single-producer or single-origin. All CLEAN DECAF coffees are Water-Processed. All CLEAN DECAF coffees also meet the Co-Mission BIO organic coffee standards. Co-Mission TRADE and Co-Mission SOPHIA standard coffees can be sourced for use as CLEAN DECAF coffees so in theory a CLEAN DECAF coffee could embody all four Co-Mission standards at once.

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